Sunday, August 26, 2007

Principal Baruti Kafele

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Although Baruit Kafele is not a National Urban Alliance culture consultant, his ideas about reaching and teaching students from all cultures overlap well with NUA's culturally responsive teaching practices. Kafele is currently a high school principal in Newark where his student body is mainly Latino and African American. WMEP's cultural collaborative brings Kafele to the Twin Cities so that West Metro teachers can enroll in his one-day workshop where participants receive his book A Handbook for Teachers of African American Children. To learn more about Principal Kafele's background, read his complete biography and watch his 11-minute video presentation that introduces his educational philosophy.

One day on an airplane, Kafele pondered what educators need to be effective with students of all cultures. That day, Kafele's 50 I's for Effective Teaching emerged, and those common themes run throughout his book A Handbook for Teachers of African American Children.

The Edina High School NUA Community of Practice decided to read the chapter from Kafele's book entitled "Managing Your Classroom" for a final word text-based discussion. Further comments about Kafele's ideas can be posted on this blog entry.

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