Friday, August 24, 2007

Jackie Roehl's Coaching Action Plan

This school year Edina High School has implemented a part-time Culture, Language & Cognition (CLC) Coach to work with teachers on NUA strategies. During this pilot year, Jackie Roehl will work with staff to sustain NUA through the following activities:

  • Showcase NUA strategies in Roehl's World Literature classes so that all interested teachers could observe an NUA strategy at work.
  • Co-teach a lesson with interested teachers as a way for those teachers to learn a specific strategy.
  • Attend English 10 and American Literature meetings to offer lesson design assistance as requested.
  • Meet with other interested teachers to plan lessons and discuss NUA strategies.
  • Be available to sub for teachers if they would like to observe another teacher implement an NUA strategy and debrief that observation with the teacher. Alternatively, secure a sub so that Roehl and an interested teacher can observe an NUA lesson together for a more meaningful debrief.
  • Facilitate EHS NUA Community of Practice, keeping members connected throughout the year with this blog to share strategy successes and weaknesses and to discuss articles of interest.
  • Work with Scott Woebler, the EHS Numeracy Coach, to clarify NUA strategies and develop joint coaching plans.
  • Organize the NUA Cohort 4 & 5 calendar.
  • Attend Cohort 5 large group meetings and site visits to work with the cohorts and the NUA consultant on a sustainability plan.
  • Meet monthly with the Culture, Language and Cognition Committee led by Gwen Jackson to discuss a K-12 NUA sustainability plan.
    Review WMEP Cultural Collaborative Brochure and suggest classes to staff, especially look for Thinking Map Train the Trainer.
    Meet monthly with all K-12 Literacy Coaches.
    Showcase student work and strategies at staff meetings, on an NUA bulletin board, and through this blog.
  • Assess NUA strategy use through staff surveys, blog posts, and through tracking observations and other coaching activities.
  • Teach Introduction to Thinking Maps at LINKS.
    Hold a Thinking Maps course with Nguyen Dang for teachers K-12.
  • Observe St. Louis Park's implementation of NUA strategies in their International Baccalaureate classes and offer suggestions to Edina's Advanced Placement teachers.

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