Sunday, August 26, 2007

Cognitive Coaching Ideas

The Community of Practice (CoP) watched the seven-minute video clip featuring Robert Price and Yvette Jackson in a cognitive coaching session. After sharing information about the video clip in their small groups, the CoP created the following list of cognitive coaching and Thinking Map applications for Edina High School:

  1. Special Education could use to establish IEP goals and expected behaviors.
  2. Administrators and teachers could use to discuss behavior issues.
  3. Administrators could use in a pre-conference before teacher observations.
  4. Teachers could use in a student writing conference.
  5. The school nurse could use to explain procedures and to discuss health issues with students.
  6. Cognitive coaching can be used to build relationships with students.
  7. Administrators and teachers could use in conferences with parents.
  8. Meeting and classroom agendas can be given in a flow map.

During our discussion some concerns were raised about the reduced amount of eye contact and the distraction teachers might feel when they are concerned about what is being written down. Some of these concerns can be alleviated though when understanding that Cognitive Coaching/discussions with Thinking Maps do take out some of the emotion and force the coach to be a more active listener. Also, teenagers may find that making a Thinking Map during a behavior conference may keep them occupied and not worry about the reduced eye contact.

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