Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Using Blogs

Many of our NUA CoP members have implemented blogs this year in the classroom. I have linked a few to this blog so that you can further see how NUA strategies are coming into the classroom. KC's blog even has photographs of the Thinking Maps on the white board. I need to pack my digital camera to start capturing class information like this.

Jim Hatten has developed this website to help students get started on creating their own blogs. Jim's site is awesome, and I'm sure it will help my students when they start creating their own blogs.

If you want to link your classroom blog to this site, just let me know the URL, and I'll add it as another way to keep our learning community going.

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Anonymous said...

O.K. Iwanted to pull my hair out on Friday when I got my first blog comment that was not nice.After talking to Jackie I have decided to make them set up their own rather than only allow e-mail registered accounts. That seems like such a PAIN.RM Gens