Sunday, September 2, 2007

Text Messaging Teleflip Tip

At the NUA CoP we discussed using text messaging to build relationships with students and bridge the gap between teen culture and teacher culture. Using allows teachers to use Microsoft Outlook to send text messages to students. All you need to do is type on the Outlook TO: line the phone

I'm planning on getting student cell phone numbers on the first day of school, and I will try to text a few students each day. I will use text messages to remind students of missed assignments or if I need to meet with them, but mainly, I plan on using text messages as positive reinforcement for something I witnessed them doing well in class.

My husband read about teleflip in PC World, and he reminded me that sending the messages in Plain Text from Outlook will make the messages easier to read on cell phones. To get to plain text, simply click on the drop down menu where the HTML default is located on your email message.

The Star Tribune had a story on text messaging using email today, and they said how easy it is to do if you know the recipient's cell phone service provider. I guess the reporter had not heard about which requires no provider information. It's even easier than the Star Tribune realizes. Sometimes it pays to have a Tech Geek, PC World reading husband.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie,

That is a great idea, but you should make sure that your students have a texting plan on their phone service first. If not, each message you send will cost the recipient anywhere from a quarter to 50 cents and parents may not like the added cost.

David Pliska
Technology Specialist
Instructional Technology Coach
Q Comp Coach and Observer
NUA Intern

Prairie View Elementary School
Eden Prairie Schools

Jackie said...

David raises a good point. I did tell students that I would like to text message them when I asked for their cell phone numbers. But I did give them the option to write "no texts please." Only a few students wrote "no texts please" but then they told me their preferred method of communication--email or a land phone line. Students continue to love the compliments I text them. I'm finding that I am using text messaging mainly for positive reinforcement.