Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Great Gatsby Introduction

Kristin Benson shared with me a few NUA strategies that she may use this week to introduce The Great Gatsby unit. Below are the ideas that she shared with her American Literature team.

I may use some of Rob’s quotes from the paper, write them on newsprint and have kids circulate around the room with them. I’ll ask kids to write a few sentences about the one quote that resonates with them. (Moving Quotes strategy)

Then I think I’ll do a circle frame map on the American Dream and ask kids to generate a 1-2 sentence definition after they've completed their circle map . Once they have their definitions I’ll ask them to draw a picture that is symbolic of their understanding of the American Dream. We can then post some of these.

For some background on the 1920’s/ Fitzgerald/ Gatsby: I think I’ll lecture a bit on Monday and then we’ll develop individually and as a class an A to Z taxonomy for this background information to review what they learned from the lecture.

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